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Mortgage Specialist

Job Family Group: Retail Banking Sales & Service Cultivates, builds, and manages relationships with a third-party network of referral sources to build a pipeline of new mortgage business and increase BMOs share of the home financing market. Actively identifies sales opportunities and refers to BMO colleagues as appropriate. Develops and executes effective marketing and sales programs to drive business results. Adheres to audit, regulatory, and compliance policies and follows all standard processes/procedures. Qualifications: Actively searches for sales opportunities to achieve individual sales and profitability goals. Proactively contacts realtors and referral sources identified through the creation of national partnerships and/or creates local partnerships to lead client and realtor discussions and sell real estate lending products and insurance that meet the Banks mortgage growth and profitability objectives. Assists with the implementation of targeted marketing programs, promotions, and other initiatives. Seeks opportunities to expand network by obtaining referrals from existing relationships. Establishes and enhances the Banks community presence by participating in trade shows, conferences, and related events. Serves a customer advocate during application and processing activities. Provides marketing, event coordination, and general administrative support to maintain positive and ongoing contact with their broader referral network. Delivers exceptional customer service that builds trust through expertise, responsive service, and support. Organizes customer appreciation events, seminars, and conference calls. Guides customers throughout mortgage application and processing activities. Partners with branch teams to properly hand off customers to finalize mortgage documentation. Resolves or escalates issues to meet customer expectations and ensures funds are advanced in a timely manner. Identifies client needs for banking products (e.g. everyday banking, lending, and investment) and refers to appropriate BMO partners. Develops solutions and makes recommendations based on an understanding of the business strategy and stakeholder needs. Provides advice and guidance to assigned business/group on implementation of solutions. Supports the execution of strategic initiatives in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. Helps determine business priorities and best sequence for execution of business / group strategy. Conducts independent analysis and assessment to resolve strategic issues. Liaises with various BMO teams and customers to ensure satisfactory completion and/or fulfillment of the home financing application. Documents updates in BMOs internal systems to ensure employees have access to the status of outstanding customer opportunities, transactions, and problems / issues. Analyzes data and information to provide insights and recommendations. Gathers and formats data into regular and ad-hoc reports and dashboards. Provides input into the planning and implementation of operational programs. Engages with third party realtors, lawyers, and related referral sources to create strong relationships that generate referrals for clients requiring real estate lending solutions. Sells real estate lending and insurance products and identifies and initiates cross-sell opportunities and referrals in the best interest of the customer. Verifies mortgage approvals for compliance with regulatory requirements and operational and credit policies. Participates in projects and other activities designed to improve the customer experience. Liaises between clients and various departments across the organization to discuss issues and procedures, and provides mortgage and insurance product support and expertise. Completes all necessary transactional documentation in compliance with security measures. Ensures adherence to all aspects of First Principles our code of Business Conduct and Ethics which deals with individual accountability as it relates to potential conflicts of interest, safeguarding of client information, trading in securities, anti-money laundering, privacy and disclosure of outside business activities. Acts in accordance with regulatory and compliance requirements that include, but are not limited to, Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Reporting requirements, FCAC consumer provision requirements, and Privacy Act provisions in accordance with Bank Policies & Procedures. Follows security and safeguarding procedures and apply appropriate due diligence in accordance with Bank policy for the prevention of loss due to fraud, robbery, counte

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